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Welcome to Friendly

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Welcome to Friendly

dave and current best friend xena obedience graduation 2013“We were accepted into the community like family and that amazed us, just how friendly people were.” David Baxter, born and raised in England, moved from place to place in Alberta with his late wife, Nyra, but they never stayed in one place as long as they did in Lac La Biche. After being in Calgary for 18 years and Barrhead next, Dave moved to Lac La Biche in 1983 for a job dave and nyra with constable chantel st.marie llb mission parade july 1 2000opportunity.

“Lac La Biche was always good to us. The first two weeks we were out every night; people wanted to show us the area and go there and go here. And we were overwhelmed with the friendship we received when we moved.”

“We’ve lived in many places and for such a small centre, it is probably one of the most culturally diverse and the most tolerant place I’ve ever lived; we’ve got Russians, Italians, French, Lebanese, Status Indians, and Métis,” Dave explained. “There was a Native fellow one year from southern Alberta who came to do a presentation at the college. We walked downtown to take him for coffee and there were all kinds of ethnic groups sitting together having coffee and he said you’d never find that where he came from. That surprised me but you get used to that here.”nyra and dave NYE 1992

Dave was very active in the community for all 25 years. In 2008, they moved to New Brunswick to see the Maritimes. “I don’t regret ever moving to LLB, we were very happy there. Sometimes I wonder why the hell we left.”.