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Trendy Traditions

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Trendy Traditions

Originating from aboriginal traditional regalia, moccasins and mukluks are both trendy and practical foot wear for everyone year round in this Region. And there is only one person who has them easily available at the Lac La Biche Farmer’s Market. Muriel makes moccasins, leather mittens, bank card holders, and leather pouches and bags, “but more moccasins than anything else. The others are whenever I need a break from making mocs.”
“I began quilting, got fed up of it, and went on to making moccasins and mukluks,” Muriel says. “I started making moccasins for family members, then gave them as gifts, and friends began asking if they could get a pair, and it started from there.” Leather crafting has been a past-time for Muriel for several years now, “It is a hobby which I hope I can continue doing as long as my eyesight and hands hold up.”
Depending on the amount of beadwork, it takes Muriel on average three days to complete a pair of moccasins, a small purse, or a pair of mitts. “I am a very artsy person and quilting, painting and moccasin making allows me to be creative. But, as anyone will tell you who is a crafter, we make very, very little money in making crafts. The money we charge basically goes back into buying more materials that we need in order to make more the items that we produce. It is more of a labour of love, thereby keeping our hands and minds busy.”IMG_6742.