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Location (from Lac La Biche): hamlet is on south lakeshore
Vehicle Accessible, Boat Launch Available
Campsites, Cabins and Bead & Breakfast, Hotels and Beaches

Lac la Biche is one of the largest lakes in Alberta. It has an elevation of 543.84 m, and the surface area is 234 km2 . The lake’s volume is 1,960,000 x 103, has a maximum depth of 21.3 m and a shoreline length of 172 km.

The lake has two main basins, east and west, separated by a peninsula and two islands. The east side is relatively deeper at a max of 21.3 m, while the west has a max depth of 12.2 m. While the west basin is more gradual slopes, the east side is more complex and it is recommended boaters use more caution when navigating the east side. Storms can suddenly occur on Lac la Biche, and because of the many islands large waves can be funneled into localized areas.

Lac la Biche has a total of seven islands on it. The most popular island is Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park, accessible by a causeway, where you can enjoy day and overnight activities.

Fish Species

Burbot Perch Pike Walleye Whitefish Trout


Catch & Release Only

Lac La Biche, Alberta