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Location (from Lac La Biche): 5km south
Vehicle Accessible, Boat Launch Available
Campsites, Cabins and Bed & Breakfast, Beaches

Beaver Lake is a large lake located near the town of Lac La Biche. In 1919 a settler named Max Huppie purchased a large tract of land on the northwest corner of Beaver Lake, an area that, today, supports a provincial campground, a forest firefighter base camp and one large residential subdivision.

The lake is a popular lake for fishing with a surface area of 33 square km. It consists of 2 large basins linked by a shallow, narrow channel, with a northwest to southeast orientation.

Depth is generally 6 to 9 m deep in both basins, with a narrow trough reaching 15 m in depth on the northeast side of the north basin. Access to the south basin is limited to boats with very shallow draft or times of higher water.

Beaver Lake contains several islands, the number of which varies with water levels. Both basins slope quite steeply to their greatest depth; the bottom of each basin is quite flat, except in the vicinity of the islands.

Fish Species

Burbot Perch Pike Walleye Whitefish Trout


Catch & Release Only

Beaver Lake, Alberta