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What To Do: Water Activities

Hit the lakes for some fast paced water sports or just enjoy a day out with your family building sand castles.

With such a naturally rich ecosystem, the fishing is fabulous in the Lac La Biche region! With over 100 lakes within 70 km of the hamlet of Lac La Biche, you’re faced with a difficult decision about where to try reel in the big one. And with all of these lakes, Lac La Biche region is home to 70% of Alberta’s Class-A beaches, we have great areas to kick-back and feel like you’re in paradise on our white sand.

For updated information on any Health Advisories about air or water quality visit Alberta Health Services website.

Regional Lakes

Distance to Lac La Biche Kms
Beaver Lake 5 S
Blackett Lake 54 NE
Elinor Lake 40 S
Fork Lake 63 S
Grist Lake 190 N
Heart Lake 65 NE
Helena Lake 49 S
Ironwood Lake 50 S
Jackson Lake 30 NE
Kinnaird Lake 30 NE
Lac la Biche N/A
McGuffin Lake 35 E
Mile Seven Lake 51 N
North Buck Lake 52 W
Pinehurst Lake 49 SE
Seibert Lake 104 E
Spencer Lake 109 E
Steepbank Lake 135 N
Touchwood Lake 46 NE
Whitefish Lake 47 SE
Winefred Lake 190 NE

Lakeland Provincial Park Canoe Circuit

Lakeland Provincial Park is Alberta’s only canoe circuit. The circuit between Jackson, Kinnaird, Blackett, and McGuffin offer paddlers a journey of tranquillity where they connect with Mother Nature and truly escape.

With a 38 kilometre circuit, you can decide whether you want to conquer all the portages or just paddle out to a remote island and camp for a few days. The lakes’ clear waters allow you to float along and watch the fish swim in the canoe’s shadow.

Most morning while camping start with the call of a loon and end with the flapping winds and splashing feet of a pod of pelicans landing on the water for a night’s rest. Click here for a map of Lakeland Provincial Park.