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Unlike the bright nights in an urban centre, the bright nights of the Lac La Biche region are fueled naturally by solar storms. Some of the darkest sky free from light pollution is in Lakeland Provincial Park with backcounty trails and campgrounds giving you privacy, darkness, and the opportunity to be captivated by Mother Nature.
Generally the best time to see the Northern Lights is through the cooler months of November to April, however they can also be seen throughout the summer months too! In the winter, the frozen lakes across the Aurora Storm 2 - Stephen BarkleyLac la Biche Region offer some of the best places to see the dancing lights of fantastic colours with open vistas away from the light pollution, and shorter days of sunlight meaning longer nights for viewing. If the Northern Lights aren’t dancing on the night you are looking for them, why not try to count shooting stars or satellites in the night sky, or location some of the constellations? To check on the cloud coverage, read about the Clear Sky Chart.

If you’re looking to plan a trip to star gaze, and hope to see the Northern Lights, check out our cabin rentals that are available in the winter months and watch the aurora forecasts. If you’re looking to photograph the northern lights or the night sky, be sure to read into some common tips from other photographers so you can become familiar with your camera. There are also a number of free applications like Google Sky Map for Android or Night Sky Lite or Star Walk for iOS that will help you find out where the Milky Way and other constellations are in the sky at any given time of year.