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Everything you’ve heard about fishing in Lac La Biche region – it is true. Whether you are looking to cast your line on a big lake with your friends or fish on a calm waterway off the beaten path, the Lac la Biche Region can fulfill any angler’s dream!

Enjoy a story of fishing success from Zeyad Eludin here!

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Fiddlers Tempo
Squirrely’s Fas Gas
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Fishing Resorts & Lodges

Elinor Lake Resort
Grist Haven Lodge
Kikino Silver Birch Resort
Plamondon White Sands Resort
Winefred Lake Lodge
Winefred Lake Outfitters

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Fish Stocks

Catch & Release Only

Special Walleye License Draw Required

Regional Lakes Burbot Perch Pike  Walleye   Whitefish  Trout
Beaver Lake
Blackett Lake
Crow Lake
Elinor Lake
Fork Lake
Grist Lake
Heart Lake
Helena Lake
Ironwood Lake
Jackson Lake
Kinnaird Lake
Lac La Biche
McGuffin Lake
Mile Seven Lake
North Buck Lake
Pinehurst Lake
Seibert Lake
Spencer Lake
Steepbank Lake
Touchwood Lake
Whitefish Lake
Winefred Lake

Additional Fishing Information

Alberta Fishing Regulations
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