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Throughout the Lac La Biche region you will find over 100 beaches – perfect for dipping in your toes, casting off your fishing line, or sitting back on the shore catching some sun. In the Lac La Biche region, you’ll realize that it can be difficult to tell where the sky starts and the lake’s surface ends.

On a bright summer day, under the afternoon sun, running your fingers through the fine grains of a white sand of our beaches, you’ll feel like you are in paradise. We welcome you to relax and enjoy this moment, there’s no rush — you’re in one of Alberta’s best kept secrets, the Lac La Biche region.

For updated information on any Health Advisories about air or water quality visit Alberta Health Services website.


Regional Lakes Vehicle Accessible Off Highway Vehicle Accessible Distance to Lac La Biche (km)
Blackett Lake 54 NE
Crow Lake   179 N
Elinor Lake 40 S
Fork Lake 63 S
Grist Lake 190 N
Heart Lake 65 NE
Helena Lake 49 S
Ironwood Lake 50 S
Jackson Lake 30 NE
Kinnaird Lake 30 NE
Lac La Biche N/A
McGuffin Lake 35 E
Mile Seven Lake 51 N
North Buck Lake 52 W
Pinehurst Lake 49 SE
Seibert Lake 104 E
Spencer Lake 109 E
Steepbank Lake 135 N
Touchwood Lake 46 NE
Whitefish Lake 47 SE
Winefred Lake 190 NE