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Taste the difference

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Taste the difference

Capture 1‘Make it, bake it, grow it.’ That’s the motto of the Farmer’s Market, proudly serving the Lac la Biche Region for almost 40 years. Every week, over 30 vendors offer quality home-made products of all kinds. Bev Tkachuk, manager of the Farmer’s Market says, “It’s a great asset to the community. The people here are amazing; it’s amazing to see what kind of stuff local crafters can make. We have one of the best markets you’ll find, one of the busiest, the best variety, and the IMG_6655highest quality. These are all exceptional vendors. They’ve got full tables with excellent products displayed beautifully!” Not to mention, every food vendor has been certified with food safety courses to ensure customers are getting the best value.

Why buy local? “You’re buying it from your neighbours, your friends, your grandma, your uncle, it’s people you know that you’re getting this from,” Bev explains. “And it’s better tasting, come and taste it, you’ll see. Like Sand Springs Ranch has the best corn, they can compete with Taber corn, it’s that good! You are buying from people who are 3eating what they sell so why would they sell you stuff that is bad?”
Bev got involved with the market when she left her job in road construction and trucking to raise her daughter, Miranda. “I wanted to do something but I didn’t want to be away from her,” Bev explains. She was asked to take over as manager and for the past four years, Bev has added to the success of the Farmer’s Market with hard work and the support of the Ag Society.