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Tangled in Knots

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Tangled in Knots

“You haven’t seen my name in the court section of the POST newspaper because I’m too busy to get into trouble,” jokes Elaine Poulin. “I started knitting when I was 22. I was working in a rehabilitation hospital on the pediatric ward and we only needed to check the children every half hour so the staff would take turns. The staff used to play cards and I thoIMG_6721ught what a waste of time! Started knitting and haven’t stopped since and I always have my knitting needles going.”

Have you seen knitted dolls before? Probably not, they are a one-of-a-kind hand-made creation from Elaine, offered through her business Nana’s Needles & Knots which started up about three years ago. She says, “I haven’t seen anybody else make knit dolls. And they’re all unique, I make each one different.” Each doll, which involves IMG_6722knitting each body part separately, putting them together, then adding the knitted dress, takes on average 24 hours to make.

Elaine is semi-retired so she operates Nana’s Needles & Knots as a hobby. “I don’t want to be run off my feet but I’m an extrovert so I needed some outside interests just to keep me sane.” She also explains that to be successful in selling crafts, you must have a passion for it, “You have to be ready to do extra work because there are some times when you really don’t want to do anything but if you need to have something done at a certain time, you have to be prepared.” Elaine also IMG_6726sells her unique dolls at the Lac La Biche Farmer’s Market where she says if you’re new in the crafting business, it’s a great place to start and get your name out there.IMG_6725.