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Re-connect with the Heart of Nature

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Re-connect with the Heart of Nature

IMG_1683We live in a fast pace province where we work long shifts, we are extremely busy and we lose touch with nature. “The easiest and best way to get re-connected is to get outside,” says Jamie Laird, father of two and local business owner of Lakeland Expeditions. “Canoeing in Lakeland Provincial Park is a gateway that puts you right in the heart of nature, where you have no choice but to slow down and be part of it. It is so close to Lac La Biche, yet when you are out there, you feel as though you are hundreds of kilometers away from everything.”

IMG_0349“During one trip into Lakeland Provincial Park’s backcountry canoe circuit, I went for a very early morning paddle while everyone else was still asleep in their tents. I was awarded a close encounter with a cow moose and her twin calves. I watched them jumping and playing in the shallows near shore, no further than forty feet away, all while I silently drifted by. It was a very uplifting yet relaxing experience for me and was definitely worth rolling out of my sleeping bag at 5 am. Only nature can provide an experience like this.”860496_779701535381011_7346560069889628201_o
“I find that each and every outdoor activity provides a unique opportunity to keep connected with nature, no matter what time of year.  IMG_0698 ” And for the past three years, he has shared his experience and advice through his equipment rental business that offers canoe, camping, fishing, and ice cabin rentals. “Coincidentally, Lakeland Expeditions was an idea dreamt up while relaxing in the hot sun on the west shore of Kinnaird Lake during a canoe trip with a group of friends,” Jamie explains. “Our main goal is to get people active, outdoors. And I would say that Lakeland Expeditions has provided many outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity and a reason to visit the Lac La Biche region.”.