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Pick A Craft, Any Craft

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Pick A Craft, Any Craft

10988476_10205019097450982_8550381996882953502_nMeet Charlotte Petrie! She is the creator of the Plamondon Community Market which has only started this summer! It is classified as a public market instead of a farmers market.


Photo provided by Pamondon Community Market

Charlotte says that this means,“it’s not limited to handmade items, the ‘make it, bake it, grow it’ of a farmers market, we have all that but we also have the home-based businesses and used or garage sale items. So it can be anything from baked muffins to garage sale items. We have a full-fledged canteen that sells hot food and fresh squeezed orange juice which is our signature market product, which is different from some of the other markets in the area.”


Photo provided by Plamondon Community Market

Charlotte noted the uniqueness of starting up this market and how “the people are coming out of the woodwork, like ‘oh hey I make wood bowls’ or ‘I grow vegetables’ or ‘I used to knit but I didn’t have a place to sell my knitting’.”


“We have the vision for the market so it’s not a competitive market, it’s a communal environment where we are hoping the people will see the opportunity and the socializing that’s happening and the community that’s forming, with the vendors that go and the community that visits, that it will encourage people that haven’t yet picked up a craft, people that used to craft and stopped crafting, or have been doing it all along and their closets are getting really full!”

11694277_10206095751886670_641236329_nThe Plamondon Community Market happens every Saturday all summer from 10 am to 2 pm at the Phillip Menard Cultural Centre! Feel free to visit their Facebook page for more details! So go out and join, support vendors, join the community and and make this event an essential part of your summer!

Also stay tuned for Part 2 of Charlotte’s Story next Thursday!