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The first settlers of the area arrived from Edmonton in July of 1914, bringing only a few tools and tents and enough supplies and food to last three weeks, the Italian pioneers decided with that period of time they were going to stay in the area and registered their homesteads.

In 2014, Hylo and Venice will celebrate their Centenary, with the Italian ancestry still prevailing in this rural Alberta area. The Hylo-Venice Centenary facebook page is becoming popular as the organization shares the past and present and tells the story of the region with daily stories and photos.

To date, the area still hosts several community events aside from the special 2014 Centenary. Every March there is a Quad Rally followed up in June with the Venice Picnic that offers a traditional home-made spaghetti supper. At the end of August is the Hylo-Venice Harvest Days that has a pig catch and the King and Queen of Harvest Days competition. With several active community groups, the area continues to celebrate their unique culture and share it with visitors!

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