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For years, the lakes, beaches, forest, culture, and history of the Lac La Biche region has been a destination for thousands of visitors. And in recent years, many of those visits have turned into long-term stop-overs.

Being a naturally rich region with so much lakeshore and beauty, many people are bringing their families to the region to set up a permanent footing.

Rural subdivisions offering all the amenities of municipal living are popping up at record rates. Lakeshore cabins are all the rage, and getaway retreats hidden deep in the boreal forest are the pride of many new families. Local realtors and developers are ready to accommodate new residents, but it is the clean air, un-obstructed views and hospitable community which really do the selling.

Once you come for a visit, we know you’ll be back — maybe to stay.

If you’re new the the area, drop by Lac La Biche County’s FCSS and Community Development office and pick up a ‘welcome package’ that includes information about the county, programming/services available through various clubs and organizations, and even coupons to some of our local businesses!