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Lac La Biche Regional Humane Society

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Lac La Biche Regional Humane Society

MJ Siebold has a special place in her heart for the homeless and injured 4-footeds. That is why she established the Lac La Biche Regional Humane Society in October of 2014. MJ noticed that our hamlet had gaps in services for the size of the community, and saw a dire need for more animal protection and adoption.

In the first year of operation the Humane Society helped 240 animals and raised a whopping $11,000. Siebold says she is proud of the way our community welcomed the Humane Society with open arms, offered so much support, but reminds us the need never ends.


One of the biggest goals for members of the Lac La Biche Regional Human Society is to have a space – an actual animal shelter. Siebold and supporters also believe that animal education is the key. It is with teaching children about animals and how to protect them, that we create a new generation of people to care for abandoned, sick or injured animals. There are many ways that you can help! Visit the Lac La Biche Regional Humane Society Facebook page and click on their website if you are able to adopt or foster animals.