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Keeping It Clean

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Keeping It Clean

Meet Charlotte Petrie! She is the creator of The Champagne Soap Co. along with the Plamondon Community Market! Charlotte is originally from New Brunswick and she has lived and worked all over Canada and the world, including place like Hong Kong and France! She used to be in newspaper reporting and broadcasting but hasn’t been in that business for about 8 years now. She eventually found herself here in Lac La Biche as she was looking for a small town to be a part of and become the newspaper editor.IMG_1184

Charlotte has since moved away from that and 2 years ago she decided, “to save money by making some things for ourselves (her and her family) that we didn’t have to buy at a store and one of those ideas was toothpaste! So I googled toothpaste and low and behold I came across all these photos of cold pressed handmade soaps! And they were so beautiful!”

2015-02-28+09.09.19So she pursued it and “did a few basic recipes in an empty milk carton for a mold and I got hooked! And so instead of saving money I ended up spending a fortune on a soaping addiction which lead me to turn it into a business so I could justify doing it!”

“Over the past couple of years I have slowly been developing my style. It’s all balancing what your latest soap fetish is with how much time you have to make it and sell it.”2015-03-14+13.03.23

Charlotte sells her soaps at the Plamondon Community Market which happens every Saturday all summer from 10 am to 2pm at the Phillip Menard Cultural Centre! You can also check out her website for more products or even the dates and times to go to a soaping workshop!