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A Bad Day Fishing is Better Than a Good Day at Work

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A Bad Day Fishing is Better Than a Good Day at Work

There’s nothing like getting the big catch on a day out on the lake. Zeyad Eludin, from Lac La Biche, and his fishing partner, Maurice Brousseau, from St. Paul, had just that at this summer’s Willvil Walleye Tournament coming out with a combined weight of 50.02lbs for eight fish in two days; the largest weight for a walleye tournament in Alberta! Zeyad and Maurice have been participating in this particular tournament for six years and this is the best they’ve ever (190)Zeyad has been fishing all his life and he says, “My Dad taught me how to fish and took me fishing a lot as a child and it just grew on me. It’s very relaxing and I am thankful to be living in this area because we have so many lakes to choose from.”

The Willvil Walleye Tournament is vjune2014 038ery popular, Zeyad explains, with usually 110 boats participating from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan. Pinehurst Lake consistently produces large walleye up to the 10lb range, and large pike up to 25lbs. “My favourite lake would be a toss-up between Lac la Biche and Touchwood Lake. They both have great campsites and the fishing is unbelievable in both.”june2014 068

Take some time to enjoy the abundance of beautiful lakes in the Lac la Biche Region because as Zeyad says, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.”.